Thursday, June 17, 2010

The final product!

Just a few final photos of the site. We hope to be open this Saturday, but we still have a couple of hurdles to get over. Everyone is running around trying to make it all happen and there's a million things to do, but hopefully we'll be good to go by Saturday morning.

If you've been trying to call the pool number given in the rec guide, it's not active yet. We've had a few setbacks in that department but we'll figure something out in the interim if we have to.

Now if we can just get some sun!!!


  1. This is Awesome! Only i do have a couple of questions about the swim team.
    #1 do you have to sign up, or do you have to try out?
    #2 when are tryouts/signups?
    #3 What is the estimated cost for joining the team?
    #4 is there an age limit for the team?

    Thanks a lot your help is very much appreciated! I can't wait to start swimming!